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Summer '19 Mood: On Vacation

Summer 2019 offers an inspired, resort lineup of long-standing favorites with a modern twist. Nods to travel and vintage Americana beach style take shape with colors & prints, evoking a sense of nostalgia for decades past.

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Tropical Getaway

Beach scenes, palm prints, and ditsy pineapple and mojito motifs — are injected throughout the collection. Fits like shorter inseams, classic polos, and cuban collars tap into the 50s, while bright color blocking, vertical stripes, and geometric patterns reference the late 80s and early 90s. The end result is a contemporary mix of classic getaway staples and retro charm.

Inspired Colors

Colors like sunburnt red, ocean blue, and hints of aloe combine with khaki, white, and black create a palette of bold colors that simultaneously stand out and fit in.

These are the colors that will blend effortlessly against the backdrop of your daily wardrobe essentials.