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Celebrating 10 Years of Inspired Travel

Since 2009, life/after/denim has crafted menswear collections that put a unique spin on tried and true traditions. As we celebrate 10 years, we marvel at the travels that have inspired our collections and the values that have carried us so far.

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Our Story

Our affair with travel began with our founder, Alexis Frey.

Alexis was born in Hong Kong, grew up in New York City, worked in Southern China, and now lives in Los Angeles. Wherever she goes, Alexis brings with her a passion for timeless, quality menswear.

Today, we seek inspiration across the world. No matter where our designers travel, they return home committed to paying homage to other cultures—with color palettes, fabric, and prints—while marrying overseas inspiration with our Los Angeles roots.

We can't wait to share our anniversary with you, and we can’t wait for the next trip. Cheers to 10 years!

Designed in our backyard

of Los Angeles, California.

Quality yarns and materials sourced

from across the globe.

Rigorously reviewed and test by our

team for guaranteed quality.

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Destination: Great Britain

As is tradition, this collection was born on a trip abroad. Inspired by Great Britain, our designers envisioned a smart-casual blend recalling the sophisticated streetwear they saw in London’s West End, the eclectic sensibility of London’s East End, and the timeless heritage designs of Glasgow.
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Founded in L.A., life/after/denim has always had a mission to design and craft timeless, quality menswear. L.A.'s unique identity inspired us to start dreaming about lifestyles and cultures different from our own.


We traveled to Tokyo, and the rest is history. Japanese textile mills and designers have a tradition of making garments of impeccable quality and detail. We've kept this tradition in mind through the years while designing and producing our own collections.


In our travels, we sought ideas for unique prints, colors, and fabrics without straying far from our vision. In Paris and London our designers were inspired by classic houndstooth, twill, and heather herringbone and brought these elements into our collections.


This year took us to Rome, Florence, and Milan. We discovered different energies in each city and incorporated elements of these centuries-old places through earthy color palettes with hints of wine, basil green, and blood orange to round out the line. 


We traveled locally to San Francisco, across the pond to London, then east to Bangkok. From San Francisco we brought back a distinct, coastal look; from Bangkok we borrowed a colorful, tropical palette; from London we drew a casual, dandy collection.


In 2014, we found inspiration closer to home. We combined New York City's urban style with a bit of East Coast prep and came up with a line of versatile and memorable baseball tees; leather-lined varsity jackets; and casual, woven shirts.


In Amsterdam, a rainy city full of rich hues and patinas, we couldn't help but find inspiration in vibrant and colorful local scenery. The result of this trip was a modern fall collection full of lively yet wearable colors, prints, and fabrics.


We returned to Tokyo and once again fell in love with the food, architecture, fashion, and culture of Japan. Subtle details and expertly crafted touches in the year’s collections reflect the understated vibe of classic Japanese design.


This year saw new collections with nods to American history. We looked back to Ivy League tradition and found our varsity blues in the Fall Collection. Later, we took to mid-century modern architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright's innovative style of work.


Our journey took us to Mexico City in the Spring and Montreal in the Fall. We were inspired to create two distinct collections threaded together by our own traditions. Bright adobes and blues shined during spring, while forest greens prepared us for fall transition.


As we reflect on the last ten years of producing menswear with our own twist, it only seems right to look to Great Britain for our Anniversary Collection. This line incorporates elements of classic, dapper menswear with LAD's contemporary, casual style.



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Discover Great Britain with us and find your travel inspiration in the Anniversary Collection.

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