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Not so long ago, men’s casual wear consisted largely of jeans and their attendant surf-and-skate-inspired accoutrements. Every store was a sad sea of tees, sweats and cargo shorts, all in loose fits and sub-par materials. A lot of men wore prescriptive clothing that did not suit them.


No wonder they hated shopping: they had no options.


So we decided to create some. A company run primarily by women (and a few dapper LADs) with rather strong opinions about menswear, we make casually versatile items with careful attention to fit and quality. These are clothes a guy can put on any time, knowing he’ll look damn good.


Staples, Not Basics
There’s a big difference here. Basic means boring. Staple means timeless. We make inspired staples that fit well and look great. They’re sharp, but relaxed; versatile, yet stylish. Why can’t a man have great style with minimal effort? Trick question. Because he can. It’s all about owning quality staples that can carry him through the day.


Cooler Classics
We will always have a profound respect and a soft spot in our hearts (and inspiration boards) for the classics–after all, they helped shape the way we are now. But we make classics for a modern world. And we make them better; with a little edge, a lot of style, and a ton of quality. The world is ever-changing and we plan on keeping up, always with a nod to the classics, but also with a spin all our own. Our mission: put the cool back into classic and the quality back into cool.


Considered Style
Traditional brands make clothing that responds to the trends and market conditions of the moment. We think more about the individual and his long-term sartorial needs. There are thoughts behind our clothes that go deeper than what stars are wearing in this week’s paparazzi snaps. Unlike other brands that shell out product after product, we design each collection with true intention and with you, the customer, in mind. Everything from the product name to the color the button type and pocket placement is carefully deliberated. Our designers have some pretty big and inspired dreams...and each collection tells the story behind them.


We Make It Better
We have very high standards. We understood early on that to make unique garments of the highest quality, we needed to go straight to the source. Whether it’s the finest cashmere from China, or the hardest-wearing, rope-dyed indigo cotton from Japan, we mill our own yarns and fabrics to the specifications befitting the garments we’re engineering. Our clothing is cut, sewn, and knit in small lots by skilled craftsmen, and we utilize short production lines in highly specialized factories. As a result, each piece receives individual attention before it’s packed and shipped, so you get a handmade and hand-finished garment exactly how we intended.


Meticulous Fit
For several decades, comfort has informed the fit of American menswear. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that the clothes have gotten tragically schlubby. No more, we say. We bring in pattern makers and fit technicians to perfect the way our garments ride against all different body types. The resulting fit is precise and contemporary, without sacrificing a stitch of your precious comfort so you can look and feel good at the same time. It’s what’s known as “living the dream.”


Internationally Inspired
We’re Angelenos with New York City roots, so the concept of bi-coastal cool is second nature to us. We take our design process a step further by embarking on thorough and frequent reconnaissance missions to cities around the world and then boil our inspirations down into garments of cosmopolitan perfection. We might take a traditional Japanese print, and splash it onto an updated version of a mid-century American shirt. (We have, in fact, done just that.) Or maybe we were hanging out at the Silencio club in Paris and we let that be the inspiration for a holiday collection. (Also true.) We spend quality time in places like Amsterdam, London and Bangkok– cities where style just kind of happens. In other words, we travel so that you can; we’re helping the LAD man build a wardrobe he can wear in Manhattan, Milan and Malibu, with equal measures of ease.


There is life after denim. Start yours.