To find inspiration for our Fall ‘16 designs, we first took to the streets of Copenhagen where form and function are central to the lives of the Danes who inhabit the city. Modernist design is set to a backdrop of Baroque and Rococo period architecture, giving the city a feeling of old world opulence that appears in stark contrast to its modernity. It is this duality that inspired our latest collection in which you'll find luxurious yarns knit into athletic apparel, fancy pigments used on basic garments, and technical fabrics and trimmings used in a fresh manner way.After exploring Copenhagen, we ventured to rainy Amsterdam where the rich hues and patinas of its the city's structures seemed to reflect the vibrant and colorful energy of its people. Along the canals, as buildings lean and buckle aside one another, the visual and tactile properties of the city’s texture become symbolic of its nonchalantness - something we wanted to capture at its essence with this Fall collection.