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When the sparks fly and the sweat flows, a man’s clothes have to protect him from the potential dangers of his job. And whether that job involves ten hours of labor in a factory, a weekend with the in-laws, or a date with your laptop at that hip new coffee shop, your clothes will be required to do more than hide your junk from the world.

And in a nod to Captain Obvious, workwear does just that– it consists of clothing created for wear during work.

Traditionally, workwear has been the clothing of choice for trade industry employees and manual labor workers, thanks to its durability and safety. But in modern times, workwear has had a profound impact on men’s fashion, expanding far beyond its blue-collar roots. Fashion has adopted many workwear staples, like work boots, denim jackets, overalls, chambray shirts, and flannel shirts. Hipster culture in particular has appropriated the workwear look for daily attire.

We like to incorporate a bit of workwear into our collection every season, with rugged looks that often have a vintage feel.