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Raglan Sleeve

A raglan sleeve is a type of sleeve that includes the shoulder, with a seam that extends diagonally from the underarm to the collar; it differs from a set-in sleeve, which has a seam line curved to match the shape of the armhole and does not include the shoulder. A raglan seam often follows a straight line for higher efficiency in production, but we like our raglan sleeves to have a slight curvature, which not only distinguishes our raglan sleeves from others, but also gives more give across the chest and shoulder, resulting in ease of movement and a more comfortable fit.

Fun fact: The raglan sleeve was named after British military commander Lord FitzRoy Somerset, named the 1st Baron Raglan in 1852, and sometimes referred to as Lord Baron. As the story goes, Lord Raglan was wounded badly in battle, resulting in the amputation of his right arm. Following the surgery, he told the orderly not to take his amputated arm away until he removed the ring given to him by his wife, Lady Emily Harriet Wellesley-Pole. Determined to return to duty, Lord Raglan had his tailor create a new sleeve construction for him to allow for greater mobility and to make everyday tasks (like getting dressed) easier. Not long after Lord Raglan’s death in 1855, this innovation made its way into the sporting and hunting apparel of the time. In the twentieth century, the sleeve became synonymous to Americana, bringing to mind shirts adorned with color block sleeves and your favorite band’s logo.