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Like just about everything from the 15th century, poplin was named after the Pope, by way of papelino and papelaine, both fabrics created in Avignon, France around the time the Pope resided there. Think of poplin as papelino and papelaine's kid brother tagging along for a good time.

Poplin, despite its airy name, is a solid fabric that can be made from a number of different materials. In its original form, poplin was made from a blend of wool and silk; today it’s made from any blend of wool, cotton, silk, rayon, and/or polyester. When the British introduced poplin to America in the early 1920’s, it was renamed “broadcloth,” but broadcloth now generally refers to a heavier fabric used in winter clothes.

Our signature poplin, like many contemporary examples, is made from a lightweight cotton, and it’s the fabric of choice for many of our most popular shirts. It features alternately crossing threads layered under one another to create a smooth feel.