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Locker Loop

You might be able to guess this one. The locker loop is that small loop of fabric sewn inside the back of a garment’s neck for easy hanging on a hook. Originally used by East Coast sailors to easily put their shirts on ship hooks while they were changing, this useful detail was soon adopted by designers at companies like Gant, Sero, Eagle, and Troy– style staples amongst Ivy Leaguers.

By the early-mid 1960s, the trend had become known as “Fruit Loops” in collegiate circles. And while they were still being used to hang shirts in locker rooms, they were also used to denote relationship status or show romantic interest. Young ladies would rip the loops of the shirts of boys they liked. Lore is that one Yalie removed his loop completely to show that he was off the market. We’ll keep our Locker Loops on and leave the relationship status declarations to you.