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Jaspe Cotton

Have you ever seen someone wearing a cardigan with a perfectly-worn look and thought the wearer had either found a vintage fashion treasure at a thrift store or inherited a unicorn from his grandfather? While one of those scenarios is certainly possible, the more likely explanation is that you were looking at a jaspe fabric. Jaspe gets its name from its resemblance to the gemstone Jasper, because of the swirl effect the twisted threads create.

Jaspe is made by weaving together yarns or threads of different shades to create a salt-and-pepper effect; sometimes the composition of the yarn is variegated too. Jaspe’s soft texture and weathered look is often found in cardigans and sweaters, as well as Ikat textiles from South America; it can also be used in vintage-inspired cotton and denim. We like to use jaspe in our cardigans for a soft, effortless vibe.