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The method of “garment dyeing” is considered a relatively new technique in the age-old rag trade. The most traditional methods of modern commercial textile manufacturing are yarn dyeing and fabric dyeing. With yarn dyeing, the yarn is dyed before it is knit or weaved into fabric form; with fabric dyeing (also known as “piece dyeing”) yarn is dyed after it is knit or weaved into a finished fabric. Garment dyeing is when you dye a nearly-fully constructed garment.

Due to the nature of this process and its limitations in production, the result is a more natural and artisanal appearance. You may notice slight variations in color, particularly along seams and in areas where there is trim or the fabric is layered. We love the tonality in color we can achieve through garment dyeing. It adds depth and dimensionality to a garment, particularly when multiple fabrics with different rates of absorption are used.   

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