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Camp Shirt

Whether while hooking strikes at a bowling alley, or strumming a ukulele at a luau, you’ve definitely seen a camp shirt, also known as a lounge shirt. Think “The Big Lebowski,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and Jimmy Buffet and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Camp shirts date back to the late 1970’s and often represent vintage fashion with patterned fabrics and old-school colors. The signature look is loose, straight-cut, and short-sleeved with a simple placket front (that panel that covers the buttons) and a camp collar (a one-piece collar without a top button). A statement piece in men’s casual clothing, the camp shirt is meant to be worn untucked and open and spread at the neck. More classic interpretations hang longer in the back, have a narrow placket, and feature a pressed collar and lapel.

At life/after/denim, we pay homage to the camp shirt with different styles every season.