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Home is a place of warmth and familiarity—where you can leave your armor at the door. Figuring out life in the great beyond can be a tricky proposition, especially when your style has to come along for the ride. Delete the Instagram evidence (like that photo of you in a metallic shirt) and come home. Whether you’re returning from a fashion detour or a day at work, sink into your homecoming with life/after/denim’s Fall 2017 collection. Our ode to vintage Americana will make you wonder why you ever left.

For Your Literal Homecoming
(aka Shedding Your Workwear)

You’ve spent your entire 9-to-(way later than)-5 running around—literally and figuratively. As you sign off for the night and reclaim your time, you’ll want to discard your work attire in favor of more liberating accommodations. While nothing is quite as liberating as lounging in your birthday suit, your roommates (and/or neighbors) will be thankful you opted for sweats instead. life/after/denim’s web exclusive University Sweatpant (available in black and blue blood) is the stylish way to get your Netflix and chill on, even if it’s a solo session. These 100% French terry sweats are soft and comfortable, like chicken soup for your legs.

When the summer sun packs it up for the year and the fall chill settles in, sweatshirts become an integral part of your casual fashion rotation. Come home proudly to life/after/denim’s Letterman Crew. Whether paired with the University Sweatpant for super-casual lounging or your favorite pair of jeans (yeah, I said it) for when you need to be presentable to the world, this sweatshirt will make you forget your Alma Matter and start singing the life/after/denim fight song (coming soon).

For Your Style Homecoming

Your fashion pilgrimage has taken you to Australian leather (ugh) and back. You've dabbled in different fabrics and liberated yourself with new looks, but in the end, you’ve realized they’re not the real you. You’re a classics guy: Coke, Shakespeare, meat and potatoes. And while you’re worldly enough to have been to the show and seen the lights, now you just want to be yourself, plain and simple. Don’t worry—you don’t have to go digging in the back of your closet. You've earned the right to rock life/after/denim's Scholar Crew (available in black). This ultra-cozy lambswool blend will immediately elevate your casual fall style, while making you feel right at home.

When your old school style needs a little pick-me-up, consider a chambray shirt: the Swiss Army Knife of casual fashion. Wear it on your date with the hottie next door, to the bar with your boys, or during your cross-country travels. life/after/denim’s chambray Crossing Shirt (available in blue blood and black) has a baby soft feel that will bring you home no matter where you rock it.

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