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Why haven’t you been to Tokyo again? The 14-hour flight? Your Japanese is uh, limited? Your girlfriend wants to go to Bali? Or, is it that you have nothing “kakkoii” (cool) to wear? #1. Get over it and binge- watch “House of Cards.” #2. English signage everywhere. #3. Mention the word shopping. #4. We’ve got you covered.

It’s Tokyo! The town that makes even the most electric American city feel boring. You ate tofu and grilled fish for breakfast, because you’re open-minded like that. And now it’s time to wander through the exotic streets of a city with more shopping than New York, more Michelin stars than Paris, and that insanely clean subway system.

You start at the center of everything — the Shibuya Crossing. It’s the Times Square of Tokyo and literally the busiest intersection on the planet. You move with the sea of humanity flooding out of Shibuya Station. You look up at the gleaming high-rises and towering billboards. You snap a selfie at the statue of Hachikō and browse through boutiques. You’re wearing your life/after/denim Dashi Shirt — its pattern subtle against deep Japanese indigo like that secret umami flavor. It’s understated, but interesting enough to stand out in this crowd. You roll up your sleeves and dive into the chaos.

On Day 2, you’re feeling adventurous! Time to channel your youth and hit Harajuku. You stroll down Takeshita Dori and take in the fashion show of teenage street style. Kawaii-crazed girls explode with cuteness. Cosplayers strut in character like the street is their stage. ‘Who are you today?’ the neighborhood asks. Your answer is the Dragon’s Triangle Shirt, indigo-dyed with sophistication and patterned with maritime mystery. It’s dynamic enough for Harajuku’s dizzying trends, but subtle enough for the peaceful gardens of the Meiji Shrine.

After the manic crowds, Ginza feels elegantly calm. There’s room to breathe on its wide pavements. This is Tokyo’s Fifth Avenue. But you’re not here just to shop with the big spenders. Today, you’re looking upward at the dramatic architecture. The grand clock tower of the Wako Building. The iconic, Momoyama-style Kabukiza Theatre. The glass-walled vertical garden in the Nicolas G. Hayek Center. You admire it all, wrapped in the luxe softness of your Sparrow Shirt. The highest-quality Japanese flannel fits in with all the glamour, while the classic buffalo check says you’re not here just to be seen.

There’s a cool wind off the Sumida River, so you throw on your Bedford Barn Jacket and head out to explore Ueno. Inspired by old school workwear, it’s perfect for this area where Tokyo tradition meets modern style. You soak up culture in the museums and wander under the cherry trees in Ueno Park. The street food stalls are calling, and so you sit by Shinobazu Pond, eating fried fish on a stick. You gaze at the Bentendo Temple on its island while families stroll past heading to the zoo. Like Ueno, your classic jacket will only get better as it ages, the indigo fading into rustic comfort.

On your last night in Tokyo, the only place to be is Roppongi, where the all-night party is as legendary as the art scene. You walk down Keyakizaka Dori in Roppongi Hills, where the zelkova trees glow with blue lights. You have wisely booked a table weeks in advance for world-class sushi. As night falls, the neighborhood is alive with music. Twenty-somethings are packing into the venues and pocket-sized bars. Your indigo Roppongi Pant is the essence of it all. Classy but comfortable. Effortlessly cool. These are a must-have for your next adventure.

Happy travels!



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