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Winter is right around the corner, and it’s home to some of your favorite pastimes— snowball fights, skiing, partying, boozing, opening presents, and counting down to the New Year. While you may let your diet, workout routine, and work ethic take a break, you shouldn’t let your fashion sense go on vacation too. Instead, show the world (especially the people you see only during the holidays) that your style is better than ever.

life/after/denim’s Holiday ’17 Collection is here to be the spiced rum to your eggnog. We’ve drawn our inspiration from one of the greatest American architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright’s signature style features bold, horizontal lines, and his structures always sit in harmony with their natural surroundings (what he called, “organic architecture”).  One could say that like a Wright home in nature, these new threads will make a bold statement, while blending beautifully into your wardrobe.

With an ode to the Chicago suburb Wright called home, the Oak Park Cardigan is the perfect layer for the tumultuous winds of winter.  This four-button cardigan is simple, classy, and made of a lama and alpaca wool blend. (In case you didn’t know, lamas and alpacas produce some seriously soft, seriously warm wool.) This cardigan will remind you of the blankets your Sherpa gave you on Mt. Everest, minus the musty smell.

For double the winter crisp, layer your Oak Park Cardigan over one our favorite classic button downs. The Allegheny Shirt pays homage to one of Wright’s most famous homes, Fallingwater, which sits nestled in the Allegheny Hills of Pennsylvania. Available in blue blood, Dresden blue, black, and auburn, this button down is 100% cotton with a soft, brushed finish.

Make the this guy your go-to, whether you’re hiking in the hills or drunkenly tossing a football around with your favorite cousins on Christmas. Try wearing it with the Weekend Chino, back for winter like open-bar holiday parties and year-end bonuses. Our Chino’s anchor your casual style, and this season they embrace the winter with earthy tones like auburn, golden olive, and Dresden blue.

While Wright built expensive homes for wealthy clients, he also had a deep connection to the workingman and those still chasing their American dreams. The Hudson Valley Shirt Jacket is our nod to those climbing the ladder — whether literally or figuratively. This workwear-inspired shirt is 100% cotton double cloth twill: rugged, yet classically classy.

Okay, lads, so now you have a closet full of all the Wright clothes, but the one thing missing is the motivation to go out. We can’t really help you there — with temperatures dipping, it’s easy to find yourself suffering from cabin fever. Before you go full Jack Nicholson in The Shining, strike a match and enjoy the smell of the great outdoors, courtesy of LAD’s Evergreen Candle. Bundle up in that cardigan, spark it up (the candle, of course), and imagine that you’re surrounded by the beautiful outdoors — even if nature and the master’s organic architecture feel worlds away.

Looking for more ways to spice up your look this season? Shop our Holiday Collection now.

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