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Temperatures are creeping up, and summer is just around the corner. It’s the season to sneak out of the office just a little early on a sunny afternoon to grab a cold beer. Let your arms breathe a little– look your best and feel your best, so you can focus on your next adventure. This year, lightweight knits will be the staples of your wardrobe, providing a trustworthy core to any summer outfit.

Rugby Short Sleeve Pique in White


It can be hard to find professional summer workwear. But if your boss is cool with a little forearm, find yourself a lightweight knit polo– preferably with a pop of color. Pair with your favorite light chinos for a laid-back (yet office-appropriate) summer look. Our favorite is the short sleeve Pique Rugby. In 100% cotton piqué, this shirt combines the breathable goodness of rugby sportswear with the stylish look of a classic polo. If your office is a little more relaxed, try adding the Ref Polo to your weekday mix.


We promise we’re done talking about work– after all, priceless summer moments happen out of the office. When the weekend rolls around, kick back and relax– do whatever "relaxation" means to you, and be sure to look your best. For the record, a lightweight knit goes a long way. For the record, a solid, classic tee goes a long way. We recommend the Pocket Tee for an easy and carefree look that won't make you sweat under the summer heat. Casual, yet polished. It's perfect for every weekend occasion.

Shark Tank in White


Whether you’re a dedicated wave-rider, sleepy sun-tanner, or professional football-tosser, nothing beats an old-fashioned beach day. And while we hope it doesn’t stay on the whole time  (soak up that Vitamin D!), a light knit tank is great beachwear. If you’re looking for a quality choice in a range of colors, check out our Shark Tank. Take a bite into this look with a pair with a pair of board shorts, your favorite shades, and a frisbee for best effect. 

Summer is coming around fast, and with it, a million opportunities for fun– and style. Take our advice: when it comes to looking and feeling cool this season, summer knits are your new best friend.

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