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So you made it past the dreaded Monday, and yet for some reason you woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. We feel ya. You're stuck at your desk and now more than ever, the day seems to be dragging on. At this point, your mind starts to wander...and we want to wander with you.

This week, let's pack our bags and get lost in…
Mt. Tabor, Oregon.

Mount Tabor is a dormant volcanic vent of the Boring Lava Field, an extensive network of cinder cones and small shield volcanoes ranging from Boring, Oregon, to southwest Washington, and dating to the Plio-Pleistocene era. The lava field has been extinct for over 300,000 years. Three other cinder cones from this field also lie within the city of Portland: Rocky Butte, Powell Butte, and Kelly Butte.

The volcanic nature of Mount Tabor became known in 1912, years after reservoirs and a public park were developed on it. The name refers to Mount Tabor, Israel, part of Portland's distinct Jewish culture and past. It was named by Plympton Kelly, son of Oregon City pioneer resident Clinton Kelly.

The neighborhood’s principle feature is Mount Tabor park. This park is great for having a picnic with friends, hiking along a trail and getting some quality outdoor time that's much needed during the Holiday season.

(via Friends of Mt. Tabor Park)
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