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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Crafted with Love by LAD

By Team LAD

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means there’s a lot to think about. Maybe you want to shake up your style as a surprise for your Valentine. Perhaps you’re searching for a standout gift for the man in your life. Or maybe you just want to be the best-dressed single guy grabbing drinks on the 14th. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got your back. Check out this guide to our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts – created with love by the life/after/denim team.


New Favorite Hoodie: Comfortable and cutting edge, LAD’s Awash Hoodie rises above the competition. It’s a cozy cotton staple featuring ribbing at the hood, sleeve, cuffs, and hem. The unique texture and minimalist design create a contemporary look that transcends your average sweatshirt - instantly elevating your on-the-go style.

Awash Hoodie in Dune

Quality Classic Belt: True style is in the details, and a quality leather belt is the subtle touch you need to elevate your Valentine’s Day look. You can’t go wrong with Tanner Goods Standard Belt, which emphasizes a simple utilitarian style and comes in a multitude of classic colors.

Cool Contemporary Tie: Whether you’re looking to buy a stylish gift or be a stylish gift, our Spring Ties are the perfect choice. A narrow, contemporary tie in the coolest pattern of the season will have any man feeling like a Casanova in no time. 

Handcrafted Accessories: Check out RSVPHandcrafted on Etsy for a variety of well-priced, handmade leather goods. From travel journals to guitar straps, shop owner Daniel Foytik will work with you to personalize the perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself, because how fancy would you feel with an initialed leather flask?)

Oxeye Shirt in Smog

The Perfect Patterned Shirt: Don’t let your ex-shirts sour you - this Valentine’s day, we’re all falling in love with pattern. LAD’s newest spring patterns are inspired by a mix of Japanese tradition and Angeleno culture. The result is simply irresistible. Try on the Oxeye Shirt for a delicate floral, or the Retreat Shirt for a modern take on a classic California tropical motif. You + these patterns = a match made in fashion heaven.


The Reinvented Classic: The pants revolution is here, folks, and LAD is leading the way. In our 5-Pocket Pant, we’ve combined the timeless style of classic jeans with the life-changing softness of cotton calvary twill. And while we were at it, we loosened up our chinos to invent the irresistibly comfy Weekend Chino. Don’t just walk into Valentine’s Day - saunter with the confidence of knowing you’re at the frontlines of revolutionary style.

Classic 5 Pocket Pant in White

The Bad Boy Jacket: Let’s face it - nobody can resist a bad boy. Tap into ‘50’s-inspired style with LAD’s classic military Flight Jacket. Its cut seam styling details complement ribbing at the sleeves, hem, and collar for an old-school aviator vibe. Light, sleek, and sexy, it’s impossible to wear this jacket and not feel badass - we promise.

Manliest Boot Ever: Is there anything sexier than a man in beautiful leather boots? We don’t think so. For timeless, All-American style, you can’t find better than the Red Wing Iron Rangers. They’re classic. They’re rugged. They’re swoon-inducing. We promise you’ll fall in love.

The Statement Piece: Want a bold look that will send your date swooning? Our new JapAngeles-inspired Botanical Jacket was made with the ‘wow’ factor you’ve been waiting for. Its unique botanical print is overdyed for versatile subtlety, and ribbing at the sleeves, hem, and collar create a classic comfort fit. Grab one now and get out there - romance awaits!

Botanical Jacket in Smog