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We’ve all been there. Your alarm goes off early Monday morning, and the last thing you want to do is get out of bed, let alone put on real pants. We feel you. At life/after/denim, we believe that there’s a style for every lazy thought you’ve got. That’s why we’ve created the Lazy Guy's Guide to Looking Good. It's the next best thing to staying in bed. 

"I’d rather die than put on a pair of jeans."

Style Solution: You don’t have to– but take note to avoid your stained, 10-year old gym sweats. Instead, find yourself a more sophisticated jogger. The Bel Air Jogger is athleisure at its finest, combining workout-wear comfort with street-acceptable style so that you can spend your day chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool without making trouble in your neighborhood.

"I’m going to work, but there’s no way I’m putting on a blazer."

Style Solution: We’ve got your back. If you’re headed to the office, try one of our deceivingly comfortable cardigans instead. The Del Rey Cardigan looks fancy, but feels like a light, cozy blanket. That’s right, lazy people of the world– you can feel like you’re in bed while looking like a professional. You are so welcome.

"It’s a no-go on the button-up. Not today."

Style Solution: No worries. If you need to look decent but want a more chill fit, try the Rugby Tee– it’s a crazy-comfortable pique cotton with a relaxed fit, but it still has sleeves and a collar for a touch of sophistication. Don’t even want to bother with sleeves and collars? Then kick back and relax in the Pico Pique Tee. Pair it with your favorite comfy pant for a cool, masculine athleisure look.

Pico Pique Tee

"That dirty college hoodie is looking really nice right about now."

Style Solution: Resist the urge! Instead, cozy up in something a little more grown up. The cowl neck Palladium Hoodie strikes a fine balance between leisure and luxury, meaning you can rock some serious style while indulging in lazy-day comfort.

Embrace your true selves, Lazy People, and do it in style! Now, go forth and try not to nap in your new cozy wardrobe.

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