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242 years ago a group of righteous patriots got together to declare our nation’s independence. All these years later, we celebrate our founding fathers’ audacity the way they would have wanted: by flocking to the beach, barbequing, and watching the needless detonation of colorful explosives.

The beach has been part of your Fourth ritual for years, but with the crowds, traffic, booze restrictions, and thankless search for parking, in the words of BB King: the thrill is gone. Declare your independence from tradition, and put the happy back in “happy Fourth” by switching up your plans this year. Short on ideas? We got you.


It’s been too long since you last got the band back together. Every year it seems a little harder to find the time, with weddings, kids, and work taking priority. The holiday is the perfect excuse (or excuse vacuum, as it were) to rekindle your bromances.

Find the finest change-of-pace location and an Airbnb with a good grill, and enjoy reminiscing about all of the misadventures of your youth. And even if you’re the last of the crew to settle down, give your friends the impression you’ve got your ish together with life/after/denim’s Tulum Shirt.

How to Make the Most of July 4th (& Take the Work Out of Fireworks)


Maybe the work Gods haven’t blessed you with enough time off to enjoy an extended Fourth of July celebration. The big day’s landing on a Wednesday certainly didn’t do you any favors. But don’t let the limitations of your work schedule keep you from enjoying the holiday.

Grab a friend or romantic interest hit up a concert; indulge in a wine tasting; spend a day at the lake; go out to a ballgame; or be a baller at a casino. Wherever your adventure, don life/after/denim’s finest summertime button down, the Dias Shirt, to round off your ensemble — you’ll look like a million bucks, even if your bets don’t pay off.


Disregard your Insta-FOMO and embrace your inner couch potato. You’ve been grinding non-stop, and while a fancy daytrip or an extended weekend with the boys sounds amazing, nothing can beat the appeal of home, comfy clothes, and endless hours of doing anything and nothing at the same time.

Thanks to the magic of your smart phone, you can turn your shabby abode into a luxury resort with a good app game: Order from your favorite restaurants (hello, Postmates), get a deep tissue massage (I see you, Soothe), and mix your favorite cocktail (cheers, Drizly). If all of this pampering tires you out, throw on your League Henley, and binge watch that show you’ve been meaning to check out. The cotton jersey blend fits just right… in case you add a chill to your Netflix.

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