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Summer’s Staple Fabric: Linen

By Team LAD

If there were ever a fabric that simply feels like summer, it’s linen. No one can deny that its breathable weave, easy drape, and lived-in vibe just work on carefree summer days. Plus, it’s an all-natural material that keeps you cool when temperatures climb; what more could you ask for?

Of course, the appeal of linen textiles is nothing new. Dating back thousands of years, this material has stood the test of time. Composed of the fibers of the flax plant, it’s one of the earliest known manmade fabrics. In ancient Mesopotamia, it was worn by the wealthy and priests; in ancient Egypt, it was used for mummification and burials.

Today, it’s a go-to summer staple for men who want a warm-weather look that’s as sophisticated as it is nonchalant, as office-appropriate as it is resort-ready.

Deck Pant in Shade


Although linen is our fabric of choice for summer, you’d be wise to proceed with caution. With a tendency to wrinkle, the reality is that it’s very easy to go wrong (and appear sloppy) with linen.

To look sharp and put-together in this natural fiber, you have to choose your pieces carefully, making sure the fit, construction, and overall style are just right. And that’s where our Linen Maldives Shorts and Linen Deck Pants come into play.

We designed these pieces to offer a foolproof way to wear linen this summer. Each pair features a cotton-linen blend that boasts all of the breathability of 100% linen, but with far less wrinkling. As such, they maintain a tailored fit no matter how hot and humid the air, and no matter where you take them.

Deck Pant in Blue Marine


Now, how you style these pieces will depend entirely on your destination...

Backyard Look: If you’re headed to an outdoor party or BBQ, simply pair your linen with our short sleeve Pique Rugby polo, a pair of fresh sneakers, and your favorite shades– and you’ll be ready for a good time.

Outdoor Stroll: Spending the day at the pool or farmer’s market? Flip flops and your trusty Shark Tank are all you need, and you’re out the door.

Seaside Style: If drinks by the ocean is on the agenda, throw on our short sleeve Racket Shirt for a crisp look, and bring along our Oasis Cardigan just in case you catch a chill in the salty ocean air.

Linen Maldives Short in Racing Red


By now, we've made our fair share of arguments in favor of summer linens. Still not convinced?

What’s so great about our Summer '17 Linen Collection is that all you have to do is swap out your shoes and shirt, and they’re versatile enough to take you anywhere you need to go this summer. Now go out there and enjoy a piece of warm-weather paradise.