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Despite Mother Nature’s attempts to prove that it’s a bad idea, enjoying the outdoors remains an obsession for countless lads. She huffs and puffs, but she can’t blow you back inside.

The problem is that while your closet sports a number of coats for work, hitting the bar, and rooting for your favorite team, it lacks the same depth for stylish, utilitarian outerwear. If you want an impractical solution, haul around three coats and jackets wherever you go. Or pass the wheel to LAD, for a line of outerwear that’s guaranteed to keep your style on fire.

Your First Impression Jacket

That cutie you’ve been messaging finally decided to reply, and low and behold, you’ve got yourself committed to an impromptu afternoon hike. You could throw on that fleece from college or layer up behind a wall of wool. But if you want your first impression to be one of manly distinction, pull life/after/denim’s Whistler Puffer Jacket out of your closet.  This jacket will puff up your style without the exaggerated mylar-balloon effect of puffer jackets past (I’m looking at you, Missy Elliot); and the Primaloft gold insulation and ribbed collar and cuffs will keep you cozy and focussed on the good times.

Style Update: Utilitarian Outerwear

The Whistler Puffer Jacket in Black

Your Pivot on the Fly Jacket

You’ve spent your day apple picking, when suddenly a group text blows up, reminding you about the epic BBQ and football game going on at Tim’s. You throw on your Buckhorn Reversible Jacketcamo side out. After a few beers, brats, and your alma mater copping an unfortunate L, the gang decides to take this rowdy show to a local tavern to soak up your misery in sudsy ale. Flip your jacket to the color block side, and go from BBQ to style IQ. No matter which side you’re sporting, you’ll be happy it’s water repellent, especially after a the beer turns Tim sloppy.

Your Ready for Anything Jacket

When you walked out the door this morning, you didn’t know where the day would take you: the farmer’s market, brunch with the boys, or the line outside the sneaker shop for limited edition kicks. Regardless, you knew you’d have to stay warm and look  good. For effortless style on the go, zip up the Field Jacket. The cotton-poly blend is water-repellent with a stow-away hoodie—perfect for when those fall rain showers hit and you want to keep the good times rolling.

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