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Spring Cleaning: What to Get Rid of, What to Replace It With

By Team LAD

Spring Cleaning can be a struggle. Sometimes, we can’t let go of that sweater that shrunk in the wash; sometimes we don’t have the courage to face the mess in our closet. But a good spring cleanse is good for the soul – and for your style.

As you go through your wardrobe, look at your collection as a whole. It’s a representation of who you are; every piece should make you feel both confident and comfortable. If it’s fraying, stained, or doesn’t fit like it used to, it’s time to say goodbye. Not your style, but still in good shape? There’s no need to hoard it out of guilt– simply donate to your local Goodwill, or post on a social shopping app like Mercari.

Feeling ready to renew? Here are our tips on how to elevate your wardrobe this spring:


Everybody needs a go-to hoodie, but after a while, even Old Reliable needs an update. Do yourself a favor– ditch that pullover from your high school glory days, and replace it with a mature and modern hoodie. Try the garment dyed Awash Hoodie. Its unique texture and minimalist design create a contemporary look that transcends your average sweatshirt, instantly elevating your on-the-go style.

Awash Hoodie


Still holding onto that garish Hawaiian shirt you wore to every college party? We understand the charm, but pack it up until your next vacation. Instead, find yourself a contemporary tropical print, like the Palmetto - available as both a shirt and shorts. Its subtle, modern style makes it adult-appropriate, so you get to feel like you’re in party mode all the time.

Palmetto Print


That old cotton zip-up you wear over tees? It’s not doing anything for you, or your style– we promise. Instead, tap into unique streetwear style with our new Botanical Jacket. The unique botanical print is overdyed for versatile subtlety and once you put on this bad boy, you'll be feeling confident and cool in no time.

Botanical Jacket


Throw out those stained, boring swim trunks and breathe some new life into your beachside wardrobe. This season, we’re bringing you a variety of eye-catching prints inspired by a cultural fusion we like to call ‘JapAngeles.’ The Oxeye Board Short is one of our favorites - its contemporary, floral print will leave everyone eyeing your style transformation.

Oxeye Board Short


Sick of those khakis that just don’t fit right, but not sure what to wear instead? Try LAD’s Weekend Chino in dune. You can’t beat a pair of well-fitting chinos– they’re light, comfortable, and wearable with practically anything. Dress them up for work, or down for a baseball game; wherever your spring adventures take you, we promise you won’t want to leave them behind.