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Fall brings joy in many forms. As a kid it was jumping in a pile of leaves; in college it was pumpkin spiced lattes and beer; now it’s breaking out your fall threads. That joy can quickly fade when you realize that there are plenty of dead leaves in your closet.

Nature may wait until spring to refresh its beauty, but a wise lad knows there’s no better time than now. life/after/denim will coach you through the anxious moments and ensure you make all the right choices.

The Tired Sweatshirt that Needs to be Retired

You’ve had that sweatshirt since before you could drink legally, and it has been your cozy protector through every hungover-crawl to the kitchen since. It’s been there for you, weathered every storm, and never asked questions. It was your sweatshirt turned security blanket, but nothing lasts forever.

Put on your favorite break up song (my personal favorite is Boyz II Men’s End of the Road), and retire the frayed seams, bleach spots, and faded threads to the giveaway bag. Filling that sweatshirt-sized void in your heart and closet, the Ottawa Fleece Sweater will be the rebound that becomes so much more. This crew is pure cotton bliss, perfectly tailored for your casual fall days.

Shake the Dead Leaves and Revive Your Fall Wardrobe

The Aspirational Pants

Those pants—every closet has a pair. They’re the black sheep. Maybe it’s their stiff drape, or maybe it’s because they pinch your butt even more than a saucy aunt. You knew when you bought them that they were a stretch (quite literally), but the cute sales associate caught you at a weak moment, and now they remind you that you’re not quite the man you wanted to be.

Maybe you could squeeze your way in, but is it really worth it? Give yourself (and your waistline) a break with the Camo Pant. The elasticized drawstring waist and 100% Japanese imported cotton jacquard provide ultimate comfort for your casual fall hangs. The handsome camo print will keep you styling, even if your big activity for the day is blending into your couch.

The Outer Layer with Baggage

Objectively, there’s nothing wrong with these clothes, but the memories they evoke make them unwearable. Whether we’re talking about the light fall jacket your ex bought you, or the coat you were wearing when you received bad news, these threads are tainted. Life is too short to allow the ghosts of your past to haunt your wardrobe.

Exorcise your demons: your style should bring out good vibes. Need a handsome warm layer to make new memories in? life/after/denim’s Camo Shirt Jacket and Mount Royal Shirt Jackets will top off your autumn outfit when the cool winds sweep in. Don the Camo to become one with nature; sport the Mount Royal when you want to stand out—either way you’ll look good inside and out.

With your closet now cleansed of bad juju, you’ll be able to reach in without that sense of dread or regret.

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