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Featuring the fish of the day, with beans, rice, a generous helping of avocado, and pico de gallo. We never met a burrito or taco we didn't like...but this one takes the cake.

Not only do they serve the infamous Bear Flag Burrito, but they also serve sashimi, smoked fish, poke, ceviche, oysters, New England clam chowder, a variety of grilled fish plates, tacos, burritos, salads, and a sushi from their favorite rocker/itamae Cody Requejo.

Also to the delight of all spice seekers, Bear Flag is home to more than a half-dozen hot sauces. If you’re ever there, seek out the Indonesian sambal, a ketchup-like condiment that stings with a sweet, addictive heat. Spread a dollop of that hot sauce on the Bear Flag Burrito, and you will be amazed by the combination.

Bear Flag Fish Company was founded in 2007 by Thomas Carson. This company specializes in the freshest seafood in Newport Beach, California, serving in two locations. The creation of the company started with the love of the ocean and most of all, the love and the knowledge of fresh seafood. It is dedicated to providing its customers with a healthy, high quality dining experience.  And FYI, they are a fish market for the new generation providing a modern ambiance and focusing on healthy seafood cuisine.

To sum up, this is the kind of restaurant that lives in the imagination of every Southern Californian. Bear Flag understands that often all a fish needs is a satisfying char and the salty rush of a beach breeze. This fantasy is a reality. You gotta eat to believe it.

(via Bear Flag Fish Co.)
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