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You’ve put away the Halloween candy and added another notch to your belt in preparation for the Thanksgiving feast... but are you prepared for the most glorious part of fall? Sweater weather, of course.

In case you forgot (thanks to the sun and sand clouding your memory) sweaters are that versatile layer that can add character and depth to any ensemble. But not all sweaters are created equal. This holiday season, life/after/denim brings you a collection that includes everything from elevated staples to the bold fashion tentpoles—and all will warm your heart both literally and stylistically.

No matter where your holiday adventures take you, sweater with the perfect style for the occasion...

Classically Handsome

Save the flashing lights for your holiday decorations: handsome never goes out of style. life/after/denim’s holiday collection features a warm homage with an understated, festive twist. For that casual hang, throw on the Poncho Hoodie. The hood’s lining, inspired by South American poncho fabric patterns, will add some low-key panache to your ultra casual attire, and the 100% cotton French terry will keep you cozy. To bump your casual to the perfect picture of respectability, try the Woodland Cardigan over a button-down, tie, and Classic Five-Pocket Pant.

Other Classics from our Holiday collection include the Folk Crew and Tournament Crew.

Say Hello to Novelty Sweaters

Folk Crew in Heather Charcoal

The Right Amount of Style Punch

Like a champion boxer throwing punches, you pick and choose the best spots to throw in your bold flavor; you’re a fun-loving lad, but no one every called you crazy. If you like a little swag in your sweater, the Nomad Crew has your name on it. The speckled look of its nep lambswool blend compliment the Nomad’s striking stripe, which is inspired by Native American blanket patterns. Some have called it the Muhammad Ali of sweaters… NBD.

For another knockout punch, try the Sierra Crew: its landscape jacquard pattern balances rustic and sophisticated. Pair either of these crews with some Weekend Chinos, and you’ve got an ensemble that is sure to go all twelve rounds (or twelve days of Christmas) this season.

An Extra Something Special

You’re not afraid to put extra jingle in your bells, apple sauce on your latkes, or rum in you egg nog. For the lad who always wants more, our Voyager Crew is next level. Its wool-blend in a heavy cable pattern have a striking ombre effect for extra dimension of textured style. If you prefer your sweaters more cardigan than crew, the Phoenix Cardigan's bold thunderbird-inspired design and Donegal multicolored nep will lift your holiday style from the ashes like the legendary phoenix itself.

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