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Whether you’re hitting the workforce for your first real job, or reinventing yourself with a new career, your wardrobe probably needs some freshening up. You’ll want to make sure you look the part, so you have the confidence to kill it at work and impress all the right people.

Ultimately, what you wear to the office each day will depend on your company’s culture. For today’s style guide, we’re focusing on the casual workplace. Think tech companies, start-ups, and creative spaces. Here are some wardrobe essentials for you– the young professional that’s going places:


Chinos have come a long way since they first debuted as part of a military uniform. Following World War II, they were often seen on college campuses as a staple for the preppy elite, before making their way to Hollywood and becoming synonymous with effortless American style.

Modern Fit Chino

Today, the trousers are considered the epitome of understated cool. With ultra-soft, 100% brushed cotton and a slim fit, you’ve got a modern pant that’s versatile enough for any casual office.

If you’re looking to make your first foray into chinos but still aren’t sure how to find the right fit, check out our article on everything you need to know about chinos.

We suggest: Modern Fit Chino, Weekend Chino


Plaids, solids, checks, or funky florals – let your personal taste guide you on this one. Your button-down shirts will serve as the foundation for most of your work outfits, so make sure they reflect your unique style.


Beyond the pattern, look for 100% cotton fabric and (most importantly) a flawless fit. The ideal professional shirt is slim and tailored, but not too tight. Once you’ve found the perfect one, buy several and wear them solo with the sleeves rolled up, or layered with a sweater or cardigan.

We suggest: Silverlake Shirt, Commuter Shirt, Das Shirt



Every professional guy needs at least one lightweight sweater on hand. Why? Because they look good and are incredibly versatile. Look for a cotton-cashmere blend or 100% extra fine merino wool for a sumptuously soft feel. Some of our favorite sweaters are from our Spring and Summer collections - we design many of our sweaters with chunkier cotton and a looser knit. This makes for a cozy look and feel that doesn’t weigh you down.

Wear your go-to sweater on its own, or over a button-down for a thoughtfully-layered look. We recommend owning a few in colors that make you happy, but if you buy only one, make it a light gray that’s guaranteed to go with just about anything else you in your closet.

We suggest: Troubadour Merino Raglan, Tournament Crew

Tournament Crew in Heather Grey and Heather Charcoal


No man has ever regretted adding a shawl cardigan (or three) to his wardrobe. These classic pieces earn their keep when the temperature drops and you need more heft than a lightweight sweater can provide. Look for a chunky knit, sturdy buttons, and neutral colors to keep you warm in style on those cooler days. Not to mention, we make the best shawl collared cardigans in the game.

We suggest: Del Rey Cardigan, Izakaya Cardigan


When it comes to your career, the right wardrobe is priceless. A closet filled with essential pieces that complement each other makes mornings easy and ensures that style is on your side as you hustle your way to that corner office.

Ready to make the leap and start building your work wardrobe? Check out our new Spring Collection and take your pick.

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