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Fall is your last chance to enjoy nature before frost and holiday plans consume you. What better place to escape the endless grind of the urban jungle than nestled amongst the shedding amber trees? Doubtful? Enjoying nature doesn’t have to be a torture-filled weekend of bug spray and sleeping bags.

Grab some pals or your special someone, find the perfect cabin to be your weekend castle (you know the go-to apps), and don’t look back. No need for your Boy Scouts field manual—all you have to do is follow these three tips to ensure that your fall retreat doesn’t turn into the premise of a horror film. Easy, right?

We Gotta Get Outta This Place

The purpose of your retreat is to enjoy your surroundings. Do your research ahead of time and build the weekend your way. Looking for picturesque hikes? Don’t forget your hiking boots. Or does a weekend on a lake with a fishing rod in your hand sound more like your picture of zen? Don’t forget your reels.

No matter the plan, prepare for Murphy’s Law and plan well, so you can relax and actually enjoy your escape. And when you’re dining at that local hidden gem (expertly scouted by you, you retreat ninja, you) or serving up a candlelit dinner for two at the cabin, don the Juniper Shirt to add some sophistication and panache to your rugged casual. The repeating juniper print will show off your connection to nature without making you look like a mountain man.

Making the Most of Your Fall Retreat

Right Here, Right Now

Put away your phones, tablets, and laptops; technology might’ve helped you find your weekend retreat, but now you’re ready to return to simpler times—before all activities were done in service of your social media feed.

Embrace the here and now in. And don’t forget to pack for your style to accompany you off-the-grid; blend into nature in the handsome jacquard camo of the Combat Crew. Throw on a pair of Weekend Chinos and some hiking boots, and you’ll be good to go.

Warm Your Bones Beside the Fire

Pink Floyd listening included, there are countless activities enhanced by a roaring fire. Cuddling feels cozier, s’mores taste sweeter, the conversation is more scintillating, even the alcohol is more intoxicating.

Whether your fire is outdoors (safely contained, of course), in the lobby of a hotel, or streamed on Netflix stream, take it to the next level and enjoy the singular bliss of fall flannel in the Sherbrooke Shirt. The handsome check print will look even better in the glowing light of the fire.

Now get out there and explore… and when you eventually check back in with reality and post your photos, don’t forget to tag us #LADonMe. You might even see yourself on our Instagram!

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