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Live Your Glory Days Now

By Josh Rubin

Let’s kick it back to the days when your weekends started on Thursday afternoons; when the only thing you had to accomplish before 10 AM was how to recover from the night before; when unlocking your dream life was only a diploma away. Well, the real world has kicked in, and you’re no longer dreaming– you’re doing. And doing is far less fun.

Being a freshman in the real world sucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a fresh man. It might not be appropriate to wear your college sweatshirt daily anymore, but life/after/denim’s has collegiate-inspired threads to take you back to the glory days.


You used to spend Saturdays tailgating for the big game; now you spend them recovering from the slog of the last five days. But this weekend, your boss has different plans: a company BBQ. You may not be able to completely relax, but you can still be comfortable (just don’t get caught looking like your co-worker’s teenage son). Our Classic 5 Pocket Pant has your backside covered with mature style in glory day comfort; and coworkers will be impressed with your ability to think outside the denim.


Maybe it was naiveté (it definitely was), but when you rolled up to that house party, you felt like a king– King of the Kegs, Ruler of the Rum. You were a modern-day Dionysius. Well, now your kingdom is your cubicle, and people barely acknowledge your 3 ½ walls of existence. Don’t worry– your reign on the Iron Throne is just around the corner, past some time, sweat, and a few nasty paper cuts. In the meantime, the Ithaca Shirt will help you carry the torch. It’s 100% cotton double cloth provides a classic style that’ll help you stand out while you blend in.


The lack of creativity in Powerpoint presentations unlocks the key to your R.E.M. cycle, but pulling your baseball cap and hoodie down low is no longer an option. Your late-night video game habit (you have to play after your girlfriend goes to sleep) mixed with the buzzing fluorescent lights and your boss’ voice is a Molotov cocktail to your focus.  Throw back a Red Bull in the Scout Shirt. In 100% cotton chambray, the Scout Shirt won’t keep you awake, but it will pull the attention from your droopy eyelids.


So “Sweet Caroline” isn’t blasting as loud as it used to (and you aren’t belting along) and your classmates have been replaced by coworkers, but happy hour is still your old faithful. While the cast and location have changed, that amazing feeling of relief remains– you survived another day. The Varsity Cardigan is as timeless as the sweet taste of cheap booze and freedom, and it’s the perfect way to stay warm when your happy hour turns into a late night out.