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How to Look Cool While Staying Warm

By Team LAD

It's January. The mercury is not going to drop, it's already dropped. Whether you're in Chicago or Los Angeles, chances are it's pretty darn cold wherever you are. are a few tips on how to look cool while staying warm.


This is the #1 tip for a reason. Sure, you've got to keep what the weatherman (or nowadays, the weather app) says in mind when choosing your outfit. But what you really have to brace yourself for is the constantly changing climates you're going to be experiencing throughout your day. It could be a 13 degree blizzard outside, but you know the moment your frosty self steps foot indoors, they'll have the heater blazing a toasty 74. For that reason, you've gotta layer.

Start off with a lightweight cotton tee, like our Modern V or Football Tee so you have a comfortable, flat surface to build off of. Then, depending on just how cold it is where you're at, you can either throw your favorite cotton button-down over it and a sweater, or ditch the button-down and just go for the sweater. We know you know we've got button-downs for days, so we'll let you just take your pick with that one.

As for the sweater, our tried and true Tournament Crews and Tournament V-necks are literally the perfect layering pieces. They're crafted from supremely-soft cotton cashmere so not only do they look good, they feel good too. These babies are the cornerstone to any man's closet – trust us when we say that every man needs one of these.


Skies are grey. Sludge is grey. Streets are grey. Heck, for all we know your hair is starting to grey too (don't worry fellas, salt & pepper is in). But just because everything around you is looking a little dreary doesn't mean your wardrobe choices need to. Winter is the best time to add a little pop of color to your outfit. Khaki chinos, brown boots, and a charcoal coat? Layer a rich blue sweater over a plaid button-down and suddenly things are starting to look a little brighter.


Okay. This is where we get really real with you here. Yes, sometimes it's okay to shop at less expensive stores for certain items. We'll admit we'll sometimes layer our LAD cashmere sweaters over a $10 cotton tee. Not always, but sometimes. There are times, however, when it really pays off to invest in a high-quality, durable wardrobe item. If you're thinking of skimping on a coat, think again. If you invest in one or two really great, well-made wool or cashmere coat, you'll never have to buy one ever again.

These are the staple items in your closet that could carry you through many many years and then some. Remember that classic, heavy-duty, wool coat that your old pops had and handed down to you? No? Well then you should go and get yourself that coat so maybe one day you can make that dream a reality for your future generations. could just keep it for yourself.

Now we already know all you LADs are cool. We just want to make sure you still look it while you're trying to keep yourselves warm.