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Whether you’re happily coupled, or have plans with a new interest, you have plenty of options to look your best on date night. Say goodbye to your usual uniform of jeans and a plain tee shirt, and say hello to modern style.  From tailored shirts and comfortable cardigans, to life/after/denim's Classic 5 Pocket Pant and versatile chinos, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re already in a relationship, you may be used to having your significant other see you in joggers and your favorite worn tee. But you’ll want to kick it up a notch for date night; this is your time to shine. A classic short sleeve, button-down shirt is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Patchwork Shirt

Our Patchwork Shirt comes in Dark Blue and White, and weaves together various contrasting prints for a look that’s stylish, but still laid back. Loosen up even more by layering a soft tee in white, dark grey or navy underneath. If you’re more on the conservative side, we recommend our rugged, checkered Strand Shirt made from high quality 100% cotton dobby fabric. The Strand wears well with grey or navy chinos.


If you’re wanting to step up your game for a new love interest, try bold colors and dressy style. We suggest using color, prints, and checks on top and sticking to your classic favorites on the bottom. For an eye catching date night look, try our light blue long sleeve Oxeye Shirt decked in a Japanese-inspired floral design; it feels hip and looks good on any skin tone. We’re kind of obsessed with the buttoned-up look, but you can always opt for an unbuttoned top button if you’re already feeling pretty confident.

Oxeye Shirt

Make the look first-touch-friendly by adding a cozy cardigan in a subdued tone on top. We suggest the Izakaya Cardigan in Heather Grey. As far as shoes are concerned, we’re particularly fond of classic Oxfords, or even suede Chelsea boots in a color that complements your chosen color scheme.

Fun Fact: Did you know...the done up top button with no tie look that some perceive as a hipster trend actually originated in the 1970s and 80s rock scene as a way of ‘sticking it to the man’ and rebelling against the requisite tie.


If you’re still on the market and want to play up your dashing good looks and irresistible charm, you’ve come to the right place. Date night looks different for you because instead of booking reservations for two, you’re looking to catch someone’s eye at your local watering hole.

Griffith Workwear Shirt

Our short sleeve button-down Silverlake Shirt in Wino is the perfect pop of color against charcoal slacks, our staple chinos or our Classic 5 Pocket Pant cuffed at the ankles. Alternatively, you might try our seasonal Botanical Shirt in a deeper sanguine. And if you’re thinking of going with a long sleeve button-down, our Dark Grey Griffith Workwear Shirt with asymmetrical pockets is anything but basic. Top with our black 50s inspired military Flight Jacket for an extra dose of cool.

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