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For this year's holiday collection, we turned to the great white north, drawing inspiration from the stunning beauty of the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights).

The Aurora Borealis occurs when charged sun particles interact with elements in the Earth’s atmosphere and release light. Most commonly, the auroral color will appear as a pale green. Rare all-red auroras are caused by high-altitude oxygen, roughly 200 miles high. If the aurora appears blue, that’s thanks to nitrogen in the atmosphere.

The awe-inspiring curtain of multicolored lights is featured atop many a bucket list, but your experience with the Northern Lights may go only as far as the lyrics to the Phish song “Farmhouse.” So how does one find the beautiful lightshow IRL? Unfortunately, there’s no open-air stadium with reclining seats to give you a prime spot for viewing.

While Scientists have discovered that Aurora activity is cyclical every eleven years, with the next peak coming in 2024 but with some planning and some luck, you don’t have to wait six years to seethe beautiful greens and reds filling the night sky. Here are some tips to help you get there...

Finding Inspiration in the Aurora Borealis


First, head towards the North Pole, to a sliver of the globe also known as the Aurora Zone. The Aurora Zone is found between 66 degrees and 69 degrees north, and includes parts of Northern Alaska, Canada, Northern Scandanavia, and Russia. When you do finally step into the Aurora Zone, you’ll want to be wearing the Aurora Shirt. This handsome button down, in 100% cotton herringbone double cloth, will be a warm and good looking edition to your expedition ensemble. Add this handsome button down, made of 100% cotton herringbone double cloth, to your layers and you’ll will be a warm and good looking edition to your expedition ensemble.


First discovered by Julius Bartels in 1938, Kp measures and quantifies disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field. The index works on a scale of 0-9, with a 2 yielding some auroral results, but the ideal number for auroral results is anything over a 5. Once you’re in the right location, check out the Kindex. If it’s over 2, don’t blink; if it’s over 5, you’re in for a treat. You may get only one chance. Meanwhile, your style index will be off the charts in life/after/denim’s Teepee Shirt, thanks to the charming, minimalist teepee pattern. It will light up your holiday ensemble even if there’s not a lot of action in the sky.


You got to the ideal location to see the Northern Lights and you’ve checked the electro-magnetivity in the air… so now what? With a little luck, and maybe some faith, nature will deliver the goods. Part of the allure of witnessing an aurora is the imprecise nature and pure luck that go into being at the right place at the right time.  Carry the luck of a warrior in the Warrior Shirt Jacket. Adorned with a traditional Navajo blanket print, this hearty wool blend will keep you warm, handsomely styled, and warrior strong.

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