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When you were a wee lad, every night you dreamt of your class field trip. It didn’t matter whether it was to Medieval Times or the paint-drying factory—any day spent outside of the classroom was worth it. Now you’re all (mostly) grown up, and the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn is that adulthood really skimps on the field trips.

Well, lads, part of being an adult is planning them yourself. Forget the weather app on your phone—in the right outerwear, you can stay warm and breezy anywhere—and focus on your real problem: where to go?

Day Trips to End Hibernation Mode


Take That Perfect Hike

The best way to celebrate the end of hibernation season is to get out of your mancave and get into nature. A good hike will clear your mind, center you, and help you get away from civilization (not to mention up your dating app photo-game), even if it’s on a well-worn trail with a view of the city waiting at the top. So pick a destination and get moving—try Griffith Park in Los Angeles, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, or anywhere in between (check out The Best Hikes in America if you’re undecided).

On your journey into nature, the water-resistant Packaway Parka (available in dusty olive and black) will help ease you out of the chill. And when you’re not wearing it, this parka—you guessed itpacks away into a convenient backpack, so you won’t have to tie the arms of your jacket around your waist or carry it around awkwardly (not a good look). Bonus: it’s practically weightless, so you can forget it’s still jacket weather.

Take a Day Trip to a Cool Town

You know the place I’m talking about—where dudes have the perfect five o’clock shadow and no one seems to have a job or a care in the world; where the cafes feature cappuccino art that could hang in a museum and the “help wanted” sign at the ice cream parlor makes you consider leaving your job.

After the week you’ve had, this oasis is exactly what the doctor ordered. When you want to look effortlessly cool and blend in with the locals, turn to the Yucatan Cardigan (available in blue agave). This 5-button placket will turn heads and keep you warm and handsome as you go from antiquing with your honey to trying that hidden gem of a farm-to-table restaurant in the evening. And the 100% cotton will keep you comfortable on the long drive home.


Go to a Ballgame

Spring means the return of baseball. You can already smell the popcorn and hotdogs. You can hear the organ music pumping and the crowd roaring. For some lads, the ballpark is heaven on earth—check the schedule, and mark your calendar. Pretty soon you’ll be knocking back a few beers with fifty thousand of your best friends as you root root root for the home team. And when that spring afternoon gets windy (looking at you, Wrigley) or drops a sudden spring shower (ahem, Camden Yards), the Bombardero Jacket (available in blue agave and black) will keep you comfortably in your seat, so you won’t miss your favorite slugger’s at bat. And unlike your team logo windbreaker, this one won’t invite any smack talk if your team hangs an L.


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