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Everybody and their brother has two types of pants: go-to jeans, and work-and-wedding slacks. It’s time to discover the world in between. Men, meet the modern chino: classic, cotton, and easy to wear with anything. You’ve just found your new favorite pant. Need to be convinced? Here are seven reasons why you should choose chinos:

1. The Pant that’s “Just Right” Fancy yourself a Goldilocks? You’re not the only one. As formerly stuffy corporate cultures chill out, many men are wondering how to achieve a ‘not too casual, not too uptight’ professional style. Goldilocks - meet chinos. Chinos provide a dressier alternative to denim while avoiding the uptight feel of traditional “work slacks.” To put it another way - if jeans are your little brother and dress pants are your dad, chinos are perfectly you.

2. Denim = Casual. Always. We hate to break it to you, but just because your jeans are dark doesn’t mean they’re ‘dressy.’ Denim is casual, 100% of the time. When it’s time to step it up a notch - meet the parents, interview for that big boy job, go out for a night on the town - choose chinos.

3. Switch it Up: Okay, this one’s similar to the last two, but hear us out. Chinos are the pinnacle of versatility. Unlike denim or slacks, they can be casual or classy. Cuff and combine with a henley for a carefree look, or wear straight with a collared shirt and structured jacket for sharp professional style.

4. Cool in Cotton: Cotton is a gift from the universe to your legs. Most men’s dress pants are made of wool or woolen blends, which tend to get a little hot and heavy. The same goes for most denim jeans. Cotton, on the other hand, is light and breathable. And then there’s brushed cotton twill - arguably the easiest and breeziest fabric of the chino world. Trust us - your legs will thank you from the clouds of pant heaven.

5. (Classy) Color: Let’s face it - colorful denim is outdated, if not straight tacky. Nobody wants to see a grown man wearing purple skinny jeans. Chinos, however, offer a world of color that’s not only age-appropriate, but stylishly modern. Feel free to stray from the basics and into the bold once you’ve found yourself a well-fitting pair of chinos.

6. A Fit that Flatters: Stature looks good on everybody, and like the good guy pants they are, mid-rise chinos help you out by emphasizing height. Add that to a slim fit, tapered leg, and you’ll perfect a polished style while leaving your legs some room to breathe.

7. Dashing Deets: The real beauty of the modern chino lies in its details. Gems like on-seam pockets, for instance, lend a subtle sleekness. Simple slit back pockets are the dressier alternative to typical 5-pocket denim. Keeping an eye out for interesting buttons and other small details will leave you feeling one step above the rest!

Ready to choose chinos? We humbly recommend the LAD Modern Fit Chino. Mid-rise, with on-seam pockets, 100% cotton, and 7 oz. brushed twill. Classic and easy to wear with just about anything, this one's slightly a more tapered from the knee down, making it the perfect pant for cuffing.

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