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We’re almost halfway through the coldest season, and at this point, many men are growing tired of a lackluster winter wardrobe. Hey, we get it - when the holidays are over and you wake up to another grey morning, it can seem like fashion is waiting for spring. But cheer up, LADs - we promise winter style still has plenty of spirit yet to offer. Check out these secret weapons - they’re the perfect cure for your mid-winter wardrobe crisis:

Start with a Henley - Strategic winter layering begins with a quality base - and believe it or not, there are options beyond your go-to tee. Pick up a slim-fit, soft jersey blend henley, like LAD’s Hachiko Henley, for a versatile layering piece you’ll want to wear all day. Its warmth provides a solid base layer for outerwear, and its chambray details create a look fashionable enough to wear alone.

Go-To Cardigan - For days that call for extra comfort, cozy up in a quality cardigan. Pick a shawl-collared classic in a marled wool blend for a more rustic winter look, or go modern monochrome for more structured style. Cardigans are easy to dress up or down - simply button up with a collared shirt, or wear open with a tee or henley. Accessorize with your favorite scarf and you’ll master this season’s collegiate style.

Warmest Winter Hat - You’ve had that cheap cotton beanie for years, and you know it’s time to upgrade. Ditch the ‘cold skater kid’ vibe for the class of winter veteran. Find yourself a cashmere or merino wool winter hat in a neutral navy, gray, or black. Comfort is everything, and these quality materials will keep you warm while instantly stepping up your winter style.

Looks-Like-Blazer, Feels-Like-Sweater - We’ve all been there. You’re going out and know you need to look polished, but it’s cold and all you want to do is throw on your favorite sweater. Lucky for you, lads, we have a solution: unstructured blazers in a wool blend. They’re fantastic - think the professional air of a blazer, with the soft, wearable comfort of a cardigan. You’ll look so spiffy, no one will know you’re secretly sitting in the lap of cozy comfort! You can thank us later.

Winter Grey Chinos - Like many before you, you may have fallen into the ancient dichotomy: denim or dress pants, with nothing in-between. Let us introduce you to the secret weapon to winter trousers: modern grey chinos. Grey is extremely versatile, as are the trousers themselves. Unlike jeans or slacks, chinos can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions. Brushed cotton twill will provide a comfort your legs have never known, and sleek details like on-seam pockets will have you feeling like the master of subtly sharp winter style.

Seal the Deal With A Really Great Coat – You've got layers on layers all that's left is the pièce de ré·sis·tance: a really f*cking great coat. Make sure it's some delicious blend of wool and/or cashmere, has functional pockets, and comes in either a classic color like black, camel, grey, or navy...or in a rich, pigmented standout color like a deep evergreen or crimson. Trust us on this one.

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