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It’s the holiday season, it's cold outside, and you have things to do. We get it. But making the transition from work to play doesn’t have to be as challenging as you may think– if you’re well prepared. In fact, all you need is the right button-down, such as the Beacon Shirt to maneuver each situation. For this style guide I want to break down three scenarios that can help you transition from work to play – or happy hour for that matter – without missing a beat.


When it comes to the office, the dress code is often pretty cut-and-dry and leaves little to the imagination. So, while wearing a suit and tie might be an office must, dressing for a date downtown comes with a different set of style requirements. For starters, lose the tie. Unless, you’re hitting the happy hour at the W Hotel, I recommend you opt for more casual and less corporate attire. Remember: you’re going on a date, and you don’t want your date (or yourself!) to feel like he/she is on an interview, damnit. So dress like you’re happy to be there!


Lose the tie



Now, this situation is very similar to date night, with a few exceptions. Because you’re leaving the office to enjoy a few drinks with close friends, you can afford to be more lenient with your style. The best way to pull off this look is to undo the top button, untuck your shirt and roll up your sleeves. Nothing says “I’m off-duty and ready to drink” better than baring your arms while doing a fist pump. If the weather permits, you can even consider rolling up your chinos. (Just make sure it’s above 60 degrees outside).
Low top sneakers



Contrary to popular belief, you have more style options for the holidays than the dreadful, ugly Christmas sweater. Who said your sweater has to have festive graphics to be considered holiday-appropriate , anyway? So this year wear something to your office party that’s not going to make you cringe with regret when your co-worker posts a photo of you on instagram. How lavish the event is should determine your clothing choice, but for any event you can never go wrong sticking with the essentials. I personally recommend layering your trusty “Beacon Shirt” with a crew-neck sweater and pairing with chinos; finish off the look with a slim tie. And if you must wear something to fulfill your holiday lust, go for a safe and conservative wink, like a pair of Jack Frost wool socks.
Brown suede desert boots


Wearing the right transitional pieces can open the door to many style options. If you dress smart, you’ll save not only money, but also time, because you’ll be able to easily pair anything in your closet.


Tony Logan loves long walks in the park and muffins. He is also a fashion designer and the creative director behind "Tony Thrifts." He enjoys blogging in his free time.
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